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Date Event Summary / Description Note
21.02.2023 TRENT Talk on Water Technology
Four experts from ATEC GmbH, H2O GmbH and MANN+HUMMEL (China) Life Science & Environmental Co. Ltd.  give insights into solutions in the field of water technology.

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15.03.2023 TRENT Talk on Plastc Recycle T.b.a.  
Q1 2023 Information Event of TRENT Report on the first project results.  



Past events


Date Event and location Summary / Description Note
13.12.2022 TRENT Talk on Air Pollution Control Three experts from Dürr Systems AG, centrotherm clean solutions GmbH & Co. KG and Palas Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. give insights on solutions in the field of environmental technology and sustainability. Please click here for more information
21.11.2022 TRENT Talk on Remanufacturing    
Q3 2022 Round Table of "Circular Economy"- Eco Industry Park" In this round table, scientists from China und Germany will have a deeper discussion on the topic of "eco industry park".  
September 29, 2022 Sino-German Industry Workshop on Energy Efficiency Technology
In 1. part: Information and knowledge transfer via keynotes about market trends, technological developments, legal framework, industry policies and best practice project etc.

In 2. part: company introduction of advanced technologies and potential application fields in the area of energy efficiency technologies, a. o. waste heat utilization.

In last part: Q&A and open discussion
18th – 22nd of July 2022 TRENT Summer School 2022 on
Lake Environment and Ecology
Very few educational exchanges are carried out between Germany and China under the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. In order to nonetheless promote more activities between experts and students in Germany and China, the TRENT summer school takes place in July 2022 and addresses different elements of the entire lake ecological system, from sedimentary, surface water, ecotoxicology, as well as water policies in both countries. Throughout the lectures and workshops, students learn and experience relevant theoretical background and specific application perspectives for each of the topics.
The particular research topics in the lake sciences will be taught by scientific experts from Germany and China, who have rich research experiences in the Taihu Lake area. In addition, the civil society and politics in the area of water system in Germany and China will be introduced by invited experts.

A Summary of the TRENT Summer School can be found here.

25.05.2022 Industry Workshop on Waste Recycling Keynotes from the representatives from the public authority and university and the competence showcases of companies from Jiangsu and Baden-Württemberg.  
19.01.2022 3rd Round Table on Topic of „Biomass Resource Utilization of Agriculture Waste”. In this round table, scientists from China und Germany will have a deeper discussion on the topic of Bioeconomy.